Our Project

Acknowledging that we are all linked by invisible bonds that make each one of us small parts of the same humanity, our mission is to collaborate with communities living below the poverty line in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa.

What we do
Fundación Amandla awards scholarships and moving allowances to children undergoing social vulnerability in northeastern South Africa, specifically in Limpopo, the province with the highest poverty rate and where our founder lived during two years.

Our dream began with the award of four scholarships. However and as of 2016, twelve more children have been admitted into Amandla’s schooling program.  By bonding and building a long-lasting relationship with the children they take care of, sponsors are in charge of securing their admission and school fee, moving allowance, uniforms and school supplies.  Amandla’s role is to guarantee that these objectives are met by means of effective management and organization. From preschool, or nursery school, to the completion of high school, or secondary school, each one of our children will grow and develop their lives guided by both their families and their protectors in a continuous process of mutual love and responsibility, which are essential values at the heart of Amandla.

Our vision is focused on creating collective consciousness in which borders imposed by our limited views become blurry, making way for one great humanity of equals who deserve and struggle for dignity. We believe in the formal education provided by the schools our scholarship holders attend as well as the informal education stemming from community life and family and neighboring support networks. Our dream is to keep on growing and enroll many more children in our program. Amandla’s co-building project is just beginning and we hope we can count with you to continue dreaming for them… and for ourselves too.


– We believe in education and consider it a development pivot that prevents dependence and brings about positive results in the present and in the future.

– We commit ourselves to a bottom-up development model, which offers families the possibility to access education in a progressive way. We have started with only a few and we look forward to assure a responsible and permanent intervention in the long term.

– We believe society as a whole is responsible for development. Beyond the role of Governments and their public policies, the contribution of companies through their social responsibility programs, or the implementation of initiatives by the United Nations, we cannot play a passive role in our ethical commitment to contribute to this purpose.

With every action we take on this beautiful planet, even with our thoughts and attitudes, we leave a trace although we may not know it. So many of our actions promote or generate inequality in our society. Sponsoring the education of a child is a way of leaving a better trace…

Amandla´s community

16 CHILDREN. In the villages of Xitlhelani and Rhulani (northern South Africa) have been awarded with scholarships and attend the two best private schools in the region: Mahlahle and Holy Rosary School.  At present, they are all attending pre-school, or nursery school, and elementary, or primary, school. We deposit the school fees on a monthly basis in these schools. In this way, we make sure that all the funds provided by the sponsors are destined to school tuition. Their FAMILIES, with relentless effort and dedication, support their education— they make sure they go to school every day and encourage them to do so. Even though they are not always able to cover their basic needs (such as access to drinking water, or electricity), the depth of feeling with which they help their children is essential to meeting such objectives.

Our SPONSORS finance the formal education of our children until the completion of high school, or secondary school. With such funds, school fees, moving allowances, and school supply expenses are covered. They are all directly related to their education.

The FRIENDS of Amandla’s donate money on a monthly basis to pay for Amandla’s   operational expenses, which are destined to ensure that our children receive their scholarships. In other words, they are used to pay for money transfer taxes, accounting and managing expenses, and the settling of volunteers in South Africa. In the same way, they also collaborate by donating their time and expertise in some of the   managerial areas and, in that way, help us lower costs.

The CHILE/SOUTH AFRICA TEAM is formed by people in both countries who daily work in the direct execution and management of different areas in the foundation— communication, finance, management, legal affairs, communities, coordination in South Africa, design, etc.

We are all members of  AMANDLA’S  GREAT COMMUNITY  and  we work  shoulder to shoulder  to remind ourselves that WE ARE ONE.


Why Africa?
 To bear in mind that borders are an illusion and the inequality suffered by those who are “far away” is also our business…sponsoring a child helps us understand that that child and I ARE THE SAME. That WE ARE ALL ONE.