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Educational Scholarships
What does it mean to be a godfather or godmother?

Being a godfather or godmother means an ethical and personal commitment, which translates into taking responsibility for the education of a boy or girl through the payment of their school and transportation expenses. This bond, from the heart and in conscience, should ensure being able to accompany them throughout their entire school career. At Amandla we function as a bridge that unites one another to transform us into a community. 

Choose your way of collaborating

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Full scholarship.

Scholarship shared between two godfathers or godmothers.

Scholarship shared between three godfathers or godmothers.

Your commitment


The godfathers and godmothers give us monthly, quarterly or annually the fee that we pay directly to the schools without intermediaries.

This is how we make sure that the money reaches its destination. 


The godfathers and godmothers accompany the little ones until they complete

their school education, about 17-18 years.

our schools

Our scholarship recipients attend primary school in three different bilingual schools, the ones with the best academic results in the area.

Holy Rosary School

Mahlahle School

Pfunanani Special School.

Why these schools?

Because of their academic quality and because they provide training in English. Mastering English is a key means for children to have adequate opportunities to break the cycle of poverty. 

We dream of continuing to grow and incorporating many more boys and girls. The Amandla co-construction project is just beginning and we would like to count on you to continue dreaming together.
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