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SCHOLARSHIPS AND SCHOLARSHIPS:Twenty-three boys and girls from the villages of Xithlelani and Rhulani, Limpopo province, in northern South Africa, receive school and transport scholarships. In the Amandla community we accompany them from grade R (early childhood education, pre-kindergarten) until they finish their higher education.

SCHOOLS:Mahlahle, Holy Rosary School and Pfunanani Special School are three of the best bilingual schools in the area, with the best academic results and our scholarship students study there. We directly deposit the school fees in these centers, with which we ensure that all the money that the godfathers and godmothers contribute goes directly to their education.

WHY ARE THESE SCHOOLS? Because of their academic quality and because they provide training in English. Mastering English is a key tool for children to have more opportunities to break the cycle of poverty. That is why the foundation gives the possibility of studying in schools of high academic level and with bilingual training.

THE FAMILIES: They are the ones who, with all their effort and dedication, support the education of each boy and girl, in terms of ensuring their attendance at schools and granting them the necessary support for said mission.. Although many times they do not have the possibility of covering their basic needs (such as access to drinking water or electricity), the heart with which they give themselves for their sons and daughters is crucial for the fulfillment of the objectives.

THE GODFATHERS AND GODMOTHERS:They finance the formal education of each one of our boys and girls from pre-kindergarten to high school. With what they contribute, school expenses, transportation, uniform and supplies, among others, are covered, all directly related to education.

PARTNERS COMMUNITY:They collaborate financially each month to cover the operating expenses of the foundation (taxes for sending money, accounting, administration, volunteer travel to the territory, etc.) and allow us to ensure that the scholarships reach the boys and girls. Likewise, they collaborate by donating their work to cover some of the management areas and thus reduce the costs.

EQUIPO AMANDLA: Desde Sudáfrica, Chile trabajamos a diario en la administración y ejecución directa de las diferentes áreas de la fundación (comunicaciones, finanzas, administración, comunidades, área legal, coordinación en territorio, diseño, etc.).

It is very important to highlight the link that is generated in the Amandla community since it provides an essential base for the development, support and safety of students. 

Beyond the borders, all together we form the GREAT AMANDLA COMMUNITY, and we work to remember thatWE ARE ALL ONE

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