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How much does the schooling cost for our scholarship recipients?


With this scholarship, our godchildren have the opportunity to study in schools with a high academic level and with bilingual training. This amount is used for purposes exclusively related to their education, such as: school transportation, uniform, school supplies, tuition, monthly payments, field trips and school taxes.

What are our administrative expenses?


The administrative expenses allow us to finance our operations in South Africa, that is, that the scholarships of our godchildren reach their destination, finance both the trip and the stay and maintenance of our volunteers working in the field, in addition to the salary of our field coordinator. On the other hand, these expenses also include the payment of taxes involved in sending money abroad and also the annuity for belonging to the Community of Solidarity Organizations.

Income and expenses 2018 and 1st semester 2019


During the first days of January 2018, we started with a little more than $350,000 (Chilean pesos), however, thanks to the support of our godfathers, godmothers, partners and occasional donations, as of June 30, 2019, our balance is of almost 5 million pesos, thanks to which we were able to cover the school fees and administrative expenses of the foundation.

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