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We provide scholarships for schooling and transportation to children in a situation of social vulnerability in the northeast of South Africa, specifically in the province of Limpopo, which exhibits the highest rates of poverty in the country. These scholarships enable a quality and bilingual education for the boys and girls of our foundation. 

We provide social and educational support in the field to the families of the Amandla community in sub-Saharan Africa through the work of professionals who, as volunteers, live in the villages. We also have aequipmentof collaborators and collaborators in different parts of the world, specialists in social development, international public policies, ethics and governance, community psychology,fundraisingand other specialties, responsible for the planning, design and support of the action in the field.

We recognize, make visible and reinforce the emotional bond between scholarship holders, scholarship holders, families, godfathers and godmothers through permanent community interaction, without borders, fostered by our volunteers on the ground.


At Fundación Amandla we care about visualizing and understanding the global problems that affect society. One of them has to do with poverty and its associated effects. In particular, its incidence in a present and future of inequality.


For us, education is the main engine of change to combat poverty. Our social project is to get involved with the communities of the Xitlhelani and Rhulani villages in the province of Limpopo. 


Fundación Amandla generates a link that travels thousands of kilometers between godfathers, godmothers and scholarship recipients. 


Our dream began with the delivery of four school scholarships in 2014. To date there are already 23 boys and girls who have been awarded scholarships by godfathers and godmothers from different parts of the world. The godparents, the godmothers, the scholarship holders and their families, as well as the schools in the village and our partners, all together belong to the community of our foundation. 


Through the delivery of school scholarships (tuition, monthly fees, school supplies, uniforms, textbooks and field trips) and transportation to children in situations of social vulnerability. 

Amandla provides the necessary organization and management to make this happen. Throughout the school year, each of the boys and girls will grow and develop their life at school accompanied not only by their family, but also by their respective godfathers and godmothers, in a continuous process of love and mutual responsibility that governs the heart of our Foundation.

The selection criteria of the families that receive scholarships are defined by an exhaustive analysis of our professional team in the field and in Chile, regarding the social, family and economic conditions of the applicants, respecting the principles and customs of the culture. of the villages.   

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