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Our mission

Contribute to the reduction of poverty in sub-Saharan Africa through the granting of school scholarships and community development, always respecting and strengthening the local culture.

Our vision

Promote social change for boys and girls in sub-Saharan Africa through bilingual education and the strengthening of local and community networks that allow them to overcome their situation of poverty.

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Our values

Integral development

We believe in the importance of formal education promoted by schools and informal education provided by families and the community. We work hand in hand with the educational establishments, the homes of our scholarship recipients and the village leadership, respecting the context and organizational dynamics of the local culture.



We value and strengthen the bond between the main caregivers (grandparents, parents, relatives) with our children on the ground. We also promote the active bond of godfathers and godmothers with their godchildren, through active and sustained communication over time.

collective commitment

The families of our scholarship recipients, the godfathers and godmothers, the partners, the schools, our teams in Chile, Spain and South Africa…we are all part and co-responsible for helping to bridge the gaps of inequity in education and ensure a fairer, freer future with more opportunities for our scholarship recipients.



Generate awareness and action in the fight to reduce inequality gaps.


Educate to promote comprehensive development.

Safeguard the rights for a present with dignity and provide opportunities to

A better future.

Tear down the imaginary of borders.

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